Lacy Wilder

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My name is Lacy Wilder and I am a singer-songwriter. I wrote my first song when I was seven years old, at my first sleepover as a young kid. My friend Anna and I wanted to put on a show for my parents, so I sat at the piano and came up with the lyrics and melody for the first song I ever wrote. It was a compilation of lyrical cliches from the radio, called “We’re All One,” and it was the first step of the musical journey that shapes my life. I write songs to narrate my joys, struggles, experiences, and observations, drawing inspiration from sources such as my own life, works of fiction, and people from different eras of world history.

Songwriting allows me to use my own raw emotional vulnerability to produce creative work and to lose sight of any fear existing outside the music. When I write, I feel as though each song magically and mysteriously manifests itself. I am merely a vessel to shape the creative energy flowing through me.


Thank you for listening to my music! I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you!